Vision and action

Published on Saturday, September 22nd, 2018

The Dalai Lama imparts so much wisdom to us is such a few words. This quote helps me realize that not only do I need vision, but I need to see how(a plan) that vision can become a reality. Without the action component, the vision goes nowhere. The positivity of both the vision and the action we take to bring forward that vision only makes both vision and action a positive end for both ourselves and those in our sphere. Looking at our own vision, we can ponder what positive attributes we can bring into the world.

This week in yoga:

Monday 9/24 from 6:30-8pm. How about an Ananda practice focused on strength, flexibility, balance and agility>

Thursday Chair Yoga 9/27 from 3-4pm. We’ll keep on strengthening those quads as we work on our overall strength.

Thursday 9/27 from 5-6:15pm We’ll pull in various props that allow us to linger in poses a bit longer.

When a vision disappoints

Published on Saturday, September 15th, 2018

Ever have a vision, or a view of the future, disappoint you? Often? I think this is a common human consequence of not being able to control everything. I venture a guess that most of us had dealt with large and small disappointments in the way we envisioned our futures. I think it’s fair to say that we owe ourselves some time to readjust our attitude to what IS from what we thought it would be. After sometime adjusting our attitude, then what? Then, the hard work begins. We begin to live in a situation that we didn’t plan on. This is the time for creative thinking, optimisum, hope, laughter and honest dialog. We need friends to hear us out about our disappointments and become our cheerleaders as we adapt.We can bring our real selves to our yoga mat as we breath, stretch and feel our way thru to our new reality. Life is hard and it is made easier surrounded by those that care for us.

This week in yoga:

Monday nite 9/17 from 6:30-8pm It’s back care week. We’ll explore a practice that give some ease to aching backs.

Thursday 9/21 from 3-4pm Join us for a balance focused class with guest teacher Jenny Gaede.

Thursday 9/20 from 5-6:15pm. Another practice for that back. You will have access to copies of both practices for home use.

Forward, ever forward.

Published on Sunday, September 9th, 2018

I guess, we could stop searching, stop looking ahead, stop thinking about the future. Our mantra may be ,”be present”, don’t worry about the past or future. But is that really the way most of us can live moment to moment? For myself, I am constantly attempting mindfulness in my daily activities, which perhaps, negates thinking about the future. But I don’t think anyone can completely eliminate planning, dreaming, anticipating, our future. Nor, do we want to! I believe the goal is to learn from the past, be mindful in the present and look to the future. Touching our memory on the past helps us move forward with experience and open eyes. Seeing what may come in the future from our current activities/focuses, lets us have hope and dreams. Being present in the now, allows us to show that we have learned from the past as we walk into what our lives have in store for us. I hope that this month you take time to take stock of your path forward.

This week in yoga:

Monday nite 6:30-8pm Yin!

Thursday 3-4pm Chair yoga.We’ll continue to put together practices we need for strength, flexibility, balance and agility.

Thursday 5-6:15pm Well mix our Yin with some Yang!

No Class 9/3!

Published on Saturday, September 1st, 2018

Welcome to September and all it brings. We start the month with Labor Day on Monday 9/3. There will not be a yoga class on Monday. But… this week starts the return of Chair Yoga on Thursday. I hope to see the seasoned yogi’s and new faces who are exploring.

Our theme this month is, Vision: The Practice of Finding a Path Forward. Could yoga and mediation be a part of your path forward? Our vision for our personal paths are likely varied and at the same time, we may possess similar hopes on this path. Self-care and a on-going desire to find equanimity in our lives are hopefully fundamental elements on your path.

This week in Yoga:

No class Monday nite!

Thursday 9/6, 3-4pm Welcome back Chair yogis! Let’s learn about Yoga for Healthy Aging.

Thursday 9/6 5-6:15pm It is the first week of the month. Let’s Yin!

Have a peaceful, relaxing Labor Day!

Karma and Self-determination

Published on Saturday, August 25th, 2018

We are finishing up the month of August this week. I’ve spent a little time thinking about our theme for this month, self-determination. Relating the concept to yoga, I think about the idea of karma. Simply put, karma is a concept that says those things we do (thinking, actions and the like) directly influences what happens to us. If you do good, you reap good. Eastern thinking takes this further by saying that those thoughts deeds and actions we did in a previously lifetime, are played out in this lifetime. This, of course, requires that you believe in reincarnation or rebirth. But even if you don’t believe in reincarnation, you may believe “what goes around, comes around”. That is, how we behave in the world reflects what the world gives back to us. Only we can determine how we will act in the world. The more love and positivity we give out, the more we will receive.

This week in yoga:

Monday nite 8/27, 6:30-8pm. We’ll continue focusing on the concepts of strength, flexibility, balance and agility in our practice.

Thursday evening 8/30, 5-6:15pm. Let’s bring some yoga nidra into our practice tonite. Maybe even a bit of yin?

Monthly theme

Published on Saturday, August 18th, 2018

This has been a busy and scattered month, so I haven’t put a spotlight on the monthly theme, self-determination. As I think about this focus, I think about my yoga practice over time.I found the practice in my early 50s when my body had different abilities, capacity and needs. Years later, I have changed and my practice has changed. Using yogic principals, I have determined that my practice needs to change as I have.Because I feel my practice and I are one, the changes I need to continue my practice fits me now. Maybe its time for you to evaluate your practice in order to make it truly yours?

This week in yoga;

Monday nite 6:30-8pm We’ll continue the exploration of Yoga for Healthy Aging principals in our practice.

Thursday evening 5-6:15pm As our warm Valley weather continues, we’ll have an extended savasana to cool and relax us.

Coming back home

Published on Saturday, August 11th, 2018

Coming home after trips away can be joyous. Our lives may be full, but we crave some variety, new scenery and experiences. Summer is giving way, ever so slowly, to Fall. I am happy to be home and armed with new skills and information on keeping our yoga practice relevant, personal and accessible

Here is our line up for this week:

Monday Nites 6:30-8pm We missed our Yin practices for the first of August, so this week, lets do Yin!

Thursday 5-6:15pm Keep it Yin!

If you are not quite ready to return to routine, we’ll be here when you are ready. Remember that Chair Yoga will resume September 6!

Tree and so much more!

Published on Wednesday, August 8th, 2018

We are back after a two week break! I have so much to share with you after my yoga intensive, Yoga for Healthy Aging! Thursday evening class will be 8/9, tomorrow evening, from 5-6:15pm. Expect some new additions! See you then!

Class Schedule

Published on Thursday, July 19th, 2018

Our last Thursday class for awhile is tonite 7/20. Thursday evenings will resume 8/9. There is no Monday nite class 7/23. There will be class 7/30 and 8/6 lead by Mary Ann Jones.

Have a good couple of weeks everyone!Maybe our friend Ganesha here will remove our latest obstacle, the heat!!!

The Spine: More than just your low back

Published on Saturday, July 14th, 2018

I promised this dramatic picture about our head and our spine. Last week, we focused on our backs.I think alot of us think about our back from our shoulders down, and forget that our neck (cervical spine) is a crucial part of the spine (cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions of the spine). Each region of the spine has it’s own unique function and potential issues. I think this picture dramatically demonstrates the importance of posture for our cervical spine.All day long, I self correct my head placement in relationship to my cervical spine. Yoga begins our awareness of correct posture improving our back pain.

This week in yoga:

Monday nite July 16 from 6:30-8pm Ananda inspired practice.

Thursday Evening July 18 5-6:15pm Your “favorite pose” practice

This is our last full week for two weeks. If you have the calendars, please refer to them for specifics. Briefly, next week, the week of July 23, there are NO classes. The following week, July 30, please join Mary Ann Jones for our regular Monday nite practice. NO THURSDAY CLASS that week. The week of August 6, Mary Ann will again lead the Monday nite class. August 9, Thursday, we will resume our regular schedule.